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One of the most important portions of your electrical system is its wiring. In order for your electrical system to provide for your needs, your electrical wiring needs to be maintained in the best possible manner. In addition, if you are interested in customizing your home to your family’s lifestyle, you need to start with your electrical wiring.

First and foremost, in every electrical service that we provide, our first concern is the safety of our customers. Properly maintaining your electrical wiring is critical to keeping your property in the safest condition possible.

If you are concerned about the state of your electrical wiring, keep in mind that The Wire Doctors can help. We can troubleshoot every portion of our electrical system in order to determine if there are any hazards or inefficiencies. With our help, your electrical wiring is guaranteed to provide for all of your needs in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

We can install new electrical wiring that will power all of these wonderful additions. By customizing your electrical wiring, you and your family will receive long-lasting and substantial benefits.

Signs of faulty wiring


If you encounter any of the following, your wiring may be faulty and you need to shut off power to this area of your house and call a skilled electrician like those at The Wire Doctors.

• Burnt outlets, strange smells

Visual and olfactory clues of burning can indicate a serious wiring problem in dire need of repair. Electrical arcing, like miniature lightning, happens when the voltage difference between the live or “hot” wire in your home jumps to a lower voltage or lower resistance area where it doesn’t belong, and this much energy somewhere that can’t handle it can cause fires. Signs of burning like scorched outlets, smoke, or burning smells are very serious.

• Strange sounds and warm outlets

If your wall or outlet is vibrating or making vibrating sounds, this can be a sign of a major issue. Buzzing, popping, vibrating, and extra warmth can be a sign of electricity being somewhere it doesn’t belong. You should shut off the circuit breaker switch to the affected area immediately and call an electrician.

• Rodents, frayed wires

If you hear scurrying in the walls or attic or find rodent fecal matter, it may be worth calling an electrician. Rodents love to chew electrical wiring, not something we recommend you try, and damage to wires can lead to serious problems. Rodents aren’t the only cause. Screws and nails from hanging art, shelves, or a wall-mounted TV can also damage wiring.

Electrical issues can be urgent and should not be put off. If you run into any of these issues, we recommend calling your local The Wire Doctors electrician to diagnose and repair your home’s wiring.


Frequent Questions


How do I choose electrical wire size?

To determine what gauge wire you need, consider the carrying capacity and the amount of current the wire needs to conduct (measured in amperage or amps). Wire gauge is directly related to how many amps you need to run through it. The distance you need the wire to go can also impact the gauge of wire you need. We will be able to choose the best option for you.


What is faulty wiring?

Faulty wiring shows some noticeable signs. For example, dimming or flickering lights are signs of faulty wiring. Other common symptoms of faulty wiring include charred or darkened outlets and switches. Also, hot ceiling fixtures, light switches and outlets that emit shocks more frequently indicate faulty wiring.


How bad is aluminum wiring in a house?

The aluminum wiring installed in homes during the 1960s and 1970s is considered a serious fire hazard. Problems with installation, outlet connections, and the metal itself resulted in wiring that degrades and loosens over time. If your home has aluminum wiring, you should repair or replace it right away.


What is the most problems in electrical wiring?

  • Electrical surges
  • Overloading
  • Power sags and dips
  • A junction box that is uncovered
  • Switches of light not working
  • Flickering light
  • Tripping circuit breaker
  • Less outlets
  • Electric shocks
  • No RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)
  • Frequent burning out of light bulbs
  • Over-circuited panel
  • High electric bill
  • Aluminium wiring
  • Backstabbed wires