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  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Repair
  • Outdoor Lighting Replacement
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  • Security Lighting Repair
  • Security Lighting Replacement
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Good landscape lighting can turn a garden or other outdoor space into something entirely different at night. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight plants, show off landscape features and architectural features, and light up outdoor kitchens, pergolas, patios, terraces, decks, and yards to make them usable at night.

Landscape Lighting Services

Existing lighting upgrades – already have lighting on your property? No problem! We can upgrade your system to modern LED lights, which are low voltage and energy efficient, saving you money and enhancing the look of your property.


Security Lighting Services 

The main objective of security lighting is to suddenly flood a dark area with light that will cause an intruder to retreat and leave your home or business alone. We evaluate the darkest, most “intruder-prone” areas to determine where security lighting should be strategically placed, particularly around entrance and exit locations, such as doors, windows, gates, and sliding glass doors.


Lighting Installation

There are many unique style light fixtures you can choose to install to improve both the aesthetics and security of your outdoor spaces. Part of the light fixture selection process will involve determining which fixture design looks best and what type of illumination the light will provide.

Let us assist you with this process. We would be happy to provide our expert advice about the unique style fixtures available, how energy efficient they are, and what effect the lights will have on the environment where they are installed. Our electricians stay on top of innovative technologies in indoor and outdoor lighting.


Low-Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lighting creates dimension and depth for any landscape. You can use accent low-voltage lighting to highlight the architectural curves and lines of your home or use it to softly light up walkways, steps, and sidewalks.

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Frequent Questions


What are the types of security lighting?

Generally, four types of lighting units are used for security-lighting systems: continuous, standby, movable (portable), and emergency. Continuous lighting is the most common security-lighting system.


What qualifies as low-voltage lighting?

Low-voltage lighting typically uses 12 or 24 volts and requires a transformer to lower the line voltage from 120 volts to avoid immediately burning out the low-voltage bulb. The transformer for low-voltage lighting is either built into the fixture or located remotely.


Do you need an electrician to install outdoor lighting?

Line voltage lights are hardwired to your home’s electrical system with the use of an electrical junction box and a conduit that protects the wires. Due to the complexity of these systems, they’re best installed by a licensed electrician.


Are landscape lights worth it?

Professionally installed landscape lighting has upfront costs with installation, but it is a worthwhile investment into your home with minimal costs after installation. LED lights last for an exceptionally long time and are inexpensive when they eventually need to be replaced.