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We approach lighting installation and repair services with the highest level of professionalism. Our electricians put the extra diligence required to guarantee that the project is completed with unsurpassed quality. We work very closely with our customers so that they will be happy with our electrical services, whether they’re seeking recessed lighting solutions or automated lighting services. For a truly unmatched interior lighting installation in Pennsylvania, turn to our professional electricians.

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Save Money With Our Lighting Replacement Services

Nearly every homeowner and business wants to conserve energy and find ways to reduce energy costs. One way to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business is to make smart lighting choices. Our experienced team can show you how to save energy when creating a plan for a recessed lighting replacement or pendant lighting installation.

When you schedule an interior lighting installation with our technicians in Pennsylvania, we’ll share with you the benefits of selecting LED versus incandescent bulbs. Choosing LED recessed lighting may cost more initially, but eventually will be more energy efficient and require less maintenance. Eliminating the need to continually change light bulbs can save you time and money.

Switching to LED lights is just one simple way to save money on your electricity bill. If you decide a recessed lighting replacement is right for you, we can update your service panel and wiring, if necessary, to ensure your system operates efficiently. Our electricians are highly skilled at upgrading electrical panels and performing wiring services, so you can have peace of mind knowing we will handle your lighting replacement services safely and effectively.

The Benefits of Recessed Lighting Installations

Interior lighting is important for providing sufficient lighting in each area of your home, setting the mood, and adding a design element to a room. One of the best ways to achieve all three of these goals is to install recessed lighting. Homeowners across the country have been falling in love with recessed or “canned” lights for a number of reasons. Check out these amazing benefits of recessed lighting installations:

  • A Sleek Style: Recessed lights are lights tucked away in the ceiling and surrounded by a metal can. Since they sit above the ceiling plane, there’s no bothersome fixture hanging into your space. This means you can create any aesthetic you want without worrying about taking the lighting fixture into consideration.
  • More Visual Space: Since you don’t have lighting fixtures hanging into your field of vision, your room will feel much larger.
  • An Even Distribution of Light: Many homeowners have booked our recessed lighting services because they were tired of their centrally installed light fixtures casting shadows around the perimeter of their rooms. Our recessed lighting solutions ensure you can enjoy the light from wall to wall!
  • Strategic Lighting: Do you have a piece of artwork or architectural feature you would like to highlight? Recessed lighting is your solution! These lights pour concentrated lighting onto the design element you want to isolate.

If you’re interested in recessed lighting services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can explain your options, offer advice, and help you create a plan that provides the convenience and aesthetic appeal you need. We can even take care of your recessed lighting repairs when things aren’t lighting up as they should.

Make the Smart Choice With Automated Lighting Installation in Pennsylvania

Do you remember when clap lighting was the big thing for controlling the lights in your home? Even if you did not personally have the chance to clap your lights on and off, you likely heard about it. We’re happy to say that the industry has come a long way since then. Now, you can conveniently manage your home’s lights with smart lighting.

If you would like to bring your home into the modern era, our technicians can help with our automated lighting installation services. We will make the appropriate calculations to determine the operating system compatible with your home and the size of equipment and fixtures you will need. On the day of installation, our automated lighting contractors will install the new light fixture, upgrade the existing electrical system, make AFCI upgrades, run power to the new locations, and set up the system. You can enjoy the new interior lighting installation in your Pennsylvania home in just a few short hours.

Why Should You Consider Installing Smart Lighting?

Many homeowners turn to our automated lighting contractors because they recognize that smart lights can offer several advantages, including:

  • Convenience: Control the lights in your home from anywhere on your smart device. You can even establish schedules.
  • Energy Savings: Don’t worry about wasting energy with a light left on when you’re not home. Simply turn the lights off from your phone and reduce your energy costs.
  • Customization: Change your lighting settings based on each room or change the color of the lights to match the mood.

If these benefits have you lighting up, turn to our electricians for automated lighting services. We’ll install and repair your smart lights promptly so that you can get the full benefits of an upgraded system.

Light Up Your Space With Interior Lighting Repair in Pennsylvania

When you come home to a dark house, you expect the lights to turn on when you flip the switch. But if the light bulb fails to illuminate, you’re left feeling baffled, especially if replacing the light bulb didn’t help matters. Instead of struggling with an interior lighting repair yourself and risking injury or death, call on our electrical repair technicians.

Flickering lights, broken switches, and outdated wiring are no match for our light fixture repair experts. We’ll complete your project in a reasonable timeframe while keeping your family safe and guaranteeing the repairs are done to code. Whether you need a recessed lighting repair or a new pendant lighting installation, trust the professionals to get it done right the first time.

Reach Out to Our Interior Lighting Installation & Repair Professionals in Pennsylvania Today

Our light fixture repair and replacement technicians will provide homeowners an unmatched service experience. From start to finish, our experts work with you every step to ensure the project is completed the way you expect it. No matter if your lighting project requires emergency repairs or circuit breaker services, you can count on The Wire Doctors to handle the job with professionalism and expediency. Get in touch with our team today to book an interior lighting service!

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Frequent Questions


Can you add a ceiling light to a room?

Installing a hanging light fixture on the ceiling can provide light to a much larger area inside the room. You can install the light fixture yourself, but you’ll need to hire an electrician to perform the final connections to the home’s wiring.

Do I need to hire an electrician to install a light fixture?

Unless you have previous electrical experience, you should always hire a licensed electrician for any electrical project, including an interior lighting installation in Pennsylvania.

Where should a ceiling light be placed in a room?

Many factors can determine where a light fixture should be located. In most cases, the center of the room is the most ideal place. In some instances, such as with an open room layout, fixtures can be positioned above things like a dining room table, a breakfast nook, or a kitchen sink. If the lighting is also used as a display piece and can be seen from outdoors, the fixture should be centered with the window.

Do light switches wear out?

A light switch is designed to last for 20 years or more. You may need to replace your light switches after some time because they wear out due to repeated use or loose wire connections that cause them to overheat and short circuit.