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Selecting the best contractor for a ceiling fan installation is not easy since a lot of companies claim they provide the best services at competitive prices. To avoid having an unreliable company perform the installation, you should go for a proven and tested service provider like The Wire Doctors. We are your neighbors’ top choice for ceiling fan services in Pennsylvania.

Benefits Of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Our ceiling fan installation contractors service a wide selection of fans with many sizes, styles, and features. Whether you want something purely functional or a fan that matches your decor, our electricians can install the perfect fan.

Are you wondering if a fan is the right choice for your living space? Check out the main benefits of installing ceiling fans throughout your home:

  • Versatility: Ceiling fans are versatile and increase comfort. They even improve the air quality by creating a natural indoor home air flow.
  • Decoration: Ceiling fans add aesthetic appeal as a decorative addition. Many even come with a light installed to add ambiance lighting or task lighting while naturally cooling your living space.
  • Energy Savings: Ceiling fans can help save you money year-round by reducing utility costs. Did you know that ceiling fans have the ability to drop room temperatures by at least four degrees? Rather than turning on your AC on a summer day, try installing and using a ceiling fan. It might just do the trick.
  • Consistent Temperatures: A fan on the ceiling is much more effective than one on the floor. A ceiling unit covers more area. More coverage means consistent temperatures inside the rooms.

Do these benefits have you interested in ceiling fans for your home? We can help you mount the perfect fixture with our dependable ceiling fan services in Pennsylvania.

Reliable Solutions From Ceiling Fan Replacement Experts in Pennsylvania

Replacing your ceiling fan is important for ensuring that it works to its optimal levels and operates safely. Are you wondering when you should replace your ceiling fan? Is there a precise time when you should schedule ceiling fan services from professionals in Pennsylvania?

The answer is that ceiling fan replacement time depends on several factors, including the ceiling fan type, the location of the ceiling fan (indoor or outdoor), and the way the ceiling fan was installed. If you’re having issues with your fan, our electricians can evaluate the problem and recommend the best solution. If you decide it’s time to upgrade your ceiling fans, we’ll switch out the old one for the new one and even perform wiring service upgrades and outlet and switch services if necessary.

Reach Out to Our Ceiling Fan Specialists Today

Whether your ceiling fan is shaking uncontrollably or you simply want to boost the aesthetics in your room with a new fan, our qualified electricians have you covered. We offer a range of ceiling fan services in Pennsylvania to ensure you can stay cool and comfortable in your home season after season.

For more information about our ceiling fan services, get in touch with our team today! And if you own or manage a business, check out our commercial electrical services and electrical repairs.

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Frequent Questions


Can ceiling fans add a breeze to my home?

By turning on your ceiling fan, you’ll be able to create a breeze in your home, making your space more comfortable. Ceiling fans can also help evaporate perspiration and cool the skin by a few degrees. The fan’s blades should rotate clockwise to provide cooling benefits.


Why do ceiling fans also rotate in reverse?

Ceiling fans are made to be multi-directional so that in the summer, the air movement is downward, giving a nice, cooling breeze. Fan blades can move counter-clockwise in cooler months to evenly distribute the warm air. You see, warm air rises and gets trapped near the ceiling. You could have a temperature difference of more than 20 degrees between the thermostat location and the peak of the ceiling. Switching the fan in reverse will circulate the cooler air upward and push the warmer air downward, keeping the air mixed at a consistent temperature without a direct downward breeze.


Will ceiling fans use more or less energy?

Many homeowners are switching to ceiling fans because they want to save money. This decision is wise. Compared to air conditioners and furnaces, ceiling fan motors use less energy. Each degree cooled by a fan is less expensive. However, we always recommend you turn off all fans before leaving your home.