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Electricity is a big part of our lives, and because of that, when something happens, we should always know how to address it. Electrical emergencies are extremely dangerous, and they can cause fatal injuries to those who are involved. That’s why it is best to know what exactly is considered an electrical emergency and what you should do when it occurs. Here are some common electrical emergencies and how you should handle them.

What Is an Electrical Emergency? 

An electrical emergency can consist of quite a few situations. The most common are electrical fires, electrocution, power outages, and burnt outlets. 

  • Electrical Fires — Electrical fires can happen because of a short circuit or other frayed wires. They are very dangerous and can be very difficult to control, so you should always try and immediately put them out with a fire extinguisher. 
  • Electrocution — Electrocution can occur when someone or something comes in contact with loose wires or any form of electricity. It can also happen if anything carrying an electrical current is near water. 
  • Power Outages — A power outage can happen due to many things. In some cases, the breaker needs to be reset, while other times, there can be an issue with the power lines. 
  • Burnt Outlets — Burnt outlets occur when a circuit overload or incorrect wiring has been placed in an outlet. 

These are all electrical emergencies that can be very dangerous, so when any of them occur, you should make sure you call 911 immediately and then contact an electrical specialist like The Wire Doctors, who can help you with the next steps. Calling a professional is essential during an electrical emergency because even though there are many ways emergency responders can help if necessary, the aftermath, such as the damaged outlet or the damaged home, can be taken care of by a professional.

So, What Should I Do? 

Knowing how to handle an electrical emergency is essential. Here are some important things to remember during these instances so that if they occur in your home, you can help resolve them safely and efficiently.

  • Electrical Fires — If an electrical fire occurs in your home, the first step is to cut the power to the source. After that, use a fire extinguisher to try and put out the fire. Don’t try to put out the fire while it is still connected to the power source because it could just start up as easily as it ended. Then call 911 and an electrical company, such as The Wire Doctors. Even if the fire has been put out, smothered fires risk being active and can relight at any moment. Do not reconnect your power until you speak to the authorities and the electrical company. 
  • Electrocution — Electrocution can be very scary, and often your first thought would be to try and help the person. However, it would help if you did not touch anyone who has been electrocuted, as the shock could still be in their bodies, and you could get shocked too. It is best to turn off the power source and call 911 immediately. Afterward, get in touch with an electrical company and tell them the issue so they can detect any underlying issues that led to the electrocution.
  • Power Outages — Power outages are very common; they can become emergencies when they last for long periods, but they are normally quick fixes. Check your power breaker and your power lines. If you don’t see anything unusual and find that the power is still out, notify an electrical company and wait for the issue to be resolved. 
  • Burnt Outlets — If you have a burnt outlet and see and smell smoke near one of your outlets, turn off the circuit connected to it immediately. Then call an electrical company, and they can help you through the repair process. 

Always Call a Professional 

Electrical emergencies always require a professional, so make sure you always contact an electrical company to help you with your issue. The team at The Wire Doctors is happy to be there for you. We offer many emergency repair services, including, but not limited to, surge protector repair and electrical panel repair. Contact us if you have any electrical emergencies, and we can be there to guide you through exactly what to do.