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Nothing makes you appreciate power more than an outage. Being faced with no electricity for an extended period of time is not only inconvenient, but can compromise appliances, severely disrupt your day-to-day responsibilities, and even put loved ones at risk. Fortunately, with emergency generator installation in Bucks County, PA, area homeowners can safeguard against the drawbacks of this sort of predicament.

Here, we’ll outline the top reasons your home needs an emergency generator and how our specialists can ensure outfitting your residence with the right unit goes off without a hitch.

Top Features of a Backup Generator for Your Home

Power supply in the midst of a natural disaster, inclement weather, or other occurrence isn’t just a luxury; nowadays, it’s a necessity. When you buy a generator and partner with our team of experts, you can feel confident knowing you’ll reap the benefits of features designed to help you live your life without interruption.

  • A whole house generator provides power automatically. With an emergency generator, you don’t have to actually be present for your home to maintain power. Whether you’re running an errand or away on vacation while an outage occurs, a unit ensures your critical electrical systems stay powered. From keeping your sump pump running and security system armed, an emergency generator will do the heavy lifting without you having to present.
  • An emergency generator provides as much power as you need. Portable generators have a threshold for the amount of energy they’re able to provide, meaning you’ll either have to have multiple units to tend to or limit the appliances you want to power. A standby generator powers your whole house.
  • A generator runs as long as you need power. With reliable backup power from an emergency generator, you won’t have to worry about refueling it to stay running. Since it’s powered by propane or natural gas, it’s hands-off in its operation — and gone will be the days of having to manually fuel it.

Applicable Benefits of an Emergency Generator

The right size generator does so much more than keeping the lights on. Here are a few specific ways one can keep you and yours safe, no matter how long an area outage may go on:

  • HVAC system: From your boiler to your central air conditioner, an emergency generator keeps your HVAC system running to keep you comfortable indoors
  • Refrigerators and/or freezers: If an outage occurs and you’re without power, food in your fridge may spoil without you even realizing it. An emergency generator keeps your refrigerated and frozen items that way!
  • Medical equipment: From refrigerated medicine to life-support technology, an emergency generator works to preserve anything vital.

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Our team cares about your wellbeing, which is why we work diligently to provide a comprehensive suite of services to keep your home powered. For more information about how our electricians servicing Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas can ensure you and your family are never without power with an emergency generator, get in touch with us today!